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Military Technology

Economical:File:Leopard 2 A5 der Bundeswehr.jpg

Germany earns a lot of money by selling subs or fregates to South Korea, Greece and South Africa. Germany is the third biggest exporter of war technology with 9% after USA (30%) and Russia (24%), but Germany also buy war technologiy, for example in 2012 Germany bought drones for 40 million euros from the USA.



In Germany a few of teenagers are very interested in military technology. A few have pro arguments and a few have contra arguments. I asked a few of my classmates and they answered: “It’s good for protecting us but sometimes the weapons are used for bad things.” or “Maybe it would be better when no country have weapons ore tanks.”


The government could defend themselves and the country if somebody attacks Germany and they could help other couFile:Glock23 3rdGen.jpgntries if they get attack by terrorist.


A tradition is that Germany exports military technology to Africa or poorer countries. They also export military technology to countries which have war like Syria.

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Sources of pictures: Bundeswehr Foto Wikipedia; Wikipedia

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