Culture (Sport)

800px-Youth-soccer-indianaThe sport is very important for the german youth many children play FIFA 14 it's a virtual football simulator. In school it is like if you like a club very much but the most of the other children don't you can fast get an outsider but you can get friends, who like the same club like you. The Bundsliga is one of the best leagues in the world this year two german teams were in the final of the champions league that never happened before. Half of the german puplic goes to sport once a week at least 1 and a half hour. The government really supports the sport with the marathon and collecting money when people un for a good reason like spending the money to africa. people say that it is important to get children in a team to promote the teamwork the healthy lifestyle and the coaches should motivate the children to make them get self-confidence and they have less aggressivness

 Max Oppert






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