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Music culture in Germany

The music culuture in Germany is quite old, musicians like Johann Sebastian Bach shaped the muFile:Sommernachtstraum MUC 2013 10.JPGsic very  early. Students from all over the world flow to the music colleges. Famous germman musicians are Herbert Grönemayer, Nena, Rammstein, Xavier Naido, Bushido, Tokio Hotel and Adel Tawil. Also in the club scence Germany offers many trendy locations.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/89/Paul_van_Dyk_DJing.jpgWith Sven Väth, the "Godfather of Thechno" and Paul van Dyk Germany has two famous stars of club scence. In my opinion Germany lost in recent years, world famous musician, and of course we have musicians like bushido, but they usually can not be compared  with people like eminem. Also there are in Germany many bad battle rap.Especially young rapper think through gangster rap to gain fame.

Emil Kämmer, 9.2


Photographs:  Paul van Dyk (orginal uploader was xtoph100), Nena (Original author was Michael Movchin)

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