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Food culture of Berlin

File:Doener berlin kraeuter.pngBerlin is famous for all kinds of foods, for example Currywurst, Kassler, Eisbein and Buletten...

The food Berlin is mostly known for is the döner kebap. There are over 1.300 dönerstores in Berlin. Inside a döner kebap there is meat(it kan be lamb, mutton, calf, beef, chicken or turkey), salat, red cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, sauces like garlic, herbs and chilli, all that is inside toasted flatbread. The name dönerkebap comes from the word: domek, that means to turn and kebap, which means the fried. The döner kebap was invented by Mehmet Aygün in 1971. Mehmet just came from Turkey to Germany, he was 16 years old and worked at his uncles restaurant. The following picture is a typical döner:     doener_berlin_kraeuter.jpg:Photographed by Sarazyn, derivative work: Itzuvit(talk), source wikipedia

Robin Tjaden

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