Kosher nutrition

Backen HefezopfWhat is kosher food?

  • Kosher is a food direction especially made for Jews
  • The word "Kosher" is from the Hebrew language and means suitable
  • Many of the orthodox Jews choose their food in this direction
  • The Jews think that Moses wrote the kosher direction into the Torah
  • Kosher separate milk and meat in their meals
  • In several shops you can buy cutlery for milk or a meat meal
  • I think it is important have a tradition, that you can do if you want to, but not to be forced to do it
  • There are about 130.000 orthodox Jews in Berlin




Cattle meat

Pork meat

Sheep meat

Horse, donkey meat

Goat meat

Dog, cat meat


Other fish

Wine with certification

Wine without certification

Eggs without any blood traces

Eggs with blood traces

Cheese with herbal lab

Cheese with animalistic lab

Milk with certification

Milk without certification

Fruit, vegetable

Camel meat

Allowed animals by DRosenbach(Talk

Important facts





The Davidstern by Fleischer-Amteroth

The Koscher Gummibears

Jess & Peter from Geneva, Switzerland



Source: Altendorff, 9.2, 2nd of November in 2013           

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