European identity in the future.

len UE-unie 0In 2016 Turkey joins the EU because all the EU states agreed. Many of the Turkish people don’t want this and they make a big demonstration because they think that Europe is unbelieving because Europe there are mostly Christians and in turkey mostly muslem. And they don’t want a new currency (Source: Wikipedia).


In 2020 there is a war in Europe and all the EU states will help the attacked state because that’s the European identity that every EU state helps the other EU states. England gets attacked from Syrian rebels because they haven’t allowed Syrian people to escape to England when there was a civil war in Syria in 2013.
All EU states help England and also the USA help them and they threat Syrian rebels to stop the war and if they wont they will bomb Syria. Syria ignores the th
reat and USA bombs Syria more than 1 million civilians die and Syria stops the war against England. After 3 years they make an alliance. 

A fiction of the future by Jonas Rohana


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