My Ecological Footprint

carbonfootprint wwfOur students went through the questionnaire of a footprint calculator ( to find out how many globes would be needed if all the people lived the same life style as we do. Finally they evaluated their results to find a way to decrease their footprint = consumption.

Tebogo, our exchange student from South Africa: "My Ecological Footprint was based on my life style back in South Africa. It represents how I live my life and how much effect I have on the environment. The online test had a lot of general questions based on your consumption of meat, electricity and how you manage your recycling. Meat was the biggest consumption, because I eat meat every day. In South Africa we don't use recycling.

 personal calculator

They said the best thing for me to do is half the amount of meat I eat on a daily basis and to recycle. Another problem was public transport because I hardly use it. The world needs 4.8 globes to live like me. I feel bad about it because we only have one globe, but I use far too much and I need to try and change.I learned a lot from this test and it has opened my eyes to a change . I want to make a difference."

Ana wrote: " The 'Ecological Footprint' is an online test, made up by the WWF, to show the human influence on our earth. In the end you get a final result which shows you how many globes we would need if everyone lived their life like you and how many percent of our resources you use up. The test is based on a variety of questions from 'How do you get around?' to `Where do you buy your grocery?'.

It is supposed to open your eyes and makes you think very deeply about your daily consumption of meat, dairy, vegetables, transportation etc. I think that this test is the best way to open our eyes about how we destroy our globe and how we often we do things without a need. The fact that none of us needs only one globe, the fact that our daily consumption is very high and mostly unnecassry is very scary and definitely opened my eyes."

Helena wrote: "This test is really great because it makes you realize that you as a single person can create so much trash and can do so much  damage to the environment. It motivates you to change and be better to nature."

Lea wrote: " I liked the test very much, because it shows me how many globes we need, if all of us lived like me. I know I can make many things better, for example eat less meat or travel less by plane, more often go on foot. There are so many things we can make better."

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